Sawan Stone

Sawan Stone (or Batu Cawan) is a rock that resembles a big bowl with a spring flowing onto it at Sianjur Mulamula, Samosir. The stone is also a cultural heritage site for Batak and Lake Toba and is near the former residence of King Batak (or Si Raja Batak, the name of the first king). To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Unlike ordinary water, the spring flowing onto the stone has a fresh lime flavor. Local people believe that the water can cure all kinds of diseases. They call it blessing water and consider it sacred because, according to the legend, King Uti who was a descendant of King Batak lived there. This location is often used to hold ritual events.

What to Expect

The path to the area is upward so you must have good stamina for the walk (about 30 minutes). Entrance is free. You should maintain modesty in the area.

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