Sibandang Island

sibandang island

Sibandang Island is the second biggest island inside Lake Toba, i.e., after Samosir. It is a hilly island with a size of 8.5 square kilometers (3.3 sq mi). Mango dominates its vegetation, but there are also coconut and bananas. Sibandang has a population of about 2,000 people who live as farmers and fishers. To see it on the map, click here.

The North Tapanuli Regency Government (Taput Regency Government) has promoted tourism through a cycling event on Sibandang Island, Muara Tapanuli North Sumatra, which was held last Sunday, September 2, 2022, exploring the hills and the coast of Lake Toba, Sibandang Island.

The activity is one of the programs to promote the famously beautiful Lake Toba tourism. It is hoped that this cycling activity will spoil the eyes of participants and visitors so that the Estuary will become increasingly known to many people, said Esthomihi.

What’s Special

Unlike the shores of Lake Toba and Samosir which are sandy, Sibandang’s shores are mostly rocks. And interestingly, the island looks like a swimming goldfish from the hill of Huta Ginjang. Fishing is a favorite activity there since the quantity of fish is high. That is why some population is living from fishing. Enjoying Sibandang at night is quite soothing, right for you who are looking for peace and wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Local people also call it “mango island” because it produces a lot of mangoes. The farmers sell them to other regions in North Sumatra. They plant almost the entire island with mango trees. The fruit is of superior quality with a sweet taste.

What to Enjoy

Here are 4 things you can find and enjoy when traveling to Sibandang Island:

  • Ulos in Papande Village

You can witness the process of making ulos in Papande Village. Ulos in the village are still made with traditional looms by hand. In the past, the ulos from Papande Village was not intended for ordinary people, but only for the kings. Therefore, Sibandang is also famous as a luxury ulos producer.

  • Hoda-Hoda

You can also enjoy Hoda-Hoda, one of the ancient rituals of the Sampuran Village community combined with the Mossak dance. This dance is a kind of martial arts from Batak land. The dance pattern is comparable to lumping horse dance in Java.

  • Mango Sibandang Island is also know as Mango Island.

Buy some mangoes from the local residents and try them. January to February is the perfect time to enjoy mangoes in this village. The size is not too big, but the taste is sweet.

  • Historic Relics

Visit the house of the Head of Nagari Raja Gukguk, the first king of Sibandang. It is a regular site of historical tours. The house is approximately 300 years old.

What to Expect

If you don’t enjoy fishing but like fish, order Naniura or Arsik (the typical Batak culinary) on Sibandang island.

What Visitors Say

“The island that produces delicious mangoes.. It’s really good..” Senyum JalanTerus (Source

“This island has an extraordinary beauty, but it lacks the attention of certain parties, with so many beautiful photo spots. It needs to be developed so that the local and international tourist attractions are developed.” Afner Sitorngom (Source)

“An exotic island dominated by mango plantations which are famous for being sweet and delicious. The culture is still preserved,…” LAKE TOBA 360 (Source)

“Mango Sibandang Island, really joss!” HARDI SILALI (Source)

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