What’s Special at Sicike-cike Nature Recreation Park?

Sicike-cike Nature Recreation Park (known as Taman Wisata Alam Sicike-cike) is a forest recreation area in the Pancar Nuli Village, Sidikalang Sub-district, Dairi. Three small lakes (about 1-2 ha each) are within the park that has the size of 575 hectares (1,420 ac). The most famous spot is Lake Sicike-cike. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

It has a view of 3 adjacent lakes, a waterfall, and a collection of flora and fauna typical to a virgin rainforest. The plants include trees of hundreds of years old. The fauna includes 29 species of birds, such as this one below (Acridotheres javanicus).

What to Expect

The tour requires around 1 hour of walking if you want to enjoy and understand the park, including the birds and the lakes. You should take a guide for the tour otherwise you may get lost in the forest. It is suitable for nature crossing, camping, and photo hunting.

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