Sigulanti Village (Sianjur Mulamula)

Sigulanti is a village in the district of Sianjur Mulamula, Samosir, famous as the first settlement of Batak. It is in a beautiful flat valley at the foot of Mount Pusuk Buhit. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

According to the legend, Si Raja Batak (King Batak, the first man of the land) opened the first settlement on Sigulanti Village (Sianjur Mulamula). He and his wife Siboru Deak Parujar breed and grow to what Batak are today from this place. See also History of Batak.

A historic place, Sigulanti is also home to the Toba Caldera Geopark Information Center. It provides comprehensive details of the caldera history and the key geological assets this geopark has in treasure. This village is a must visit if you are on Samosir.

What to Expect

The village has beautiful hills and nature, an expanse of rice fields, and the fresh air. Some areas have coffee and other vegetation planted by local farmers. Sift through the village by motorbike to find buffaloes and rows of traditional Batak houses. The settlement is adjacent to Aek Sipitu Dai, Hobon Stone, and Sawan Stone.

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