Sikulikap Waterfall

sikulikap waterfall

Sikulikap Waterfall is within a protected forest area at Doulu Village, Berastagi, Karo. It is 30-meter (98 ft) tall and covered by rock walls. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

First of all, the trip to the waterfall offers an exciting natural view of big trees, cliffs, and rocks on both sides of the road. Along the way, you will explore the common trees growing in the Sumatra tropical forest. Second of all, the sound and view of water splashes and wild animals like crows, monkeys and colorful butterflies together bring a sensation of feeling lost in nature. On one of the cliffs near the waterfall, there is a rock climbing track for those with good stamina and adrenaline. Finally, the water is cold and fresh, and the spot is perfect for photography.

What to Enjoy

At Sikulikap Waterfall, you can enjoy fresh air and the views of the tropical forest. See also a herd of monkeys hanging between the branches of wood and tree branches. Meanwhile, the chirping of birds and the sound of the wind make the green leaves move as if they were asking you not to leave.

Along the route, you will find various types of trees such as Sonokembang, Meranti, Gland, Kecing and others which also provide shade for the road to the waterfall. The sustainable natural environment and well-maintained green forest vegetation also keeps the flow of this waterfall awake all-year long. Since it was discovered until now, the waterfall has never experience any drought.

What to Expect

The distance from the parking lot to the waterfall is about 1 kilometer (0.6 mi). You have to walk through the forest and down the stairs to get to the fountain. Weather is cold so bring your coat along. There is no entrance fee, but parking tip is necessary. Small shops in the parking area provide some food and drinks.

What Visitors Say

“Loved it! Cool waterfalls, but the best were the gibbons roaming free over our heads. We could follow them for a bit and see them jumping from tree to tree, it was amazing.” Alvin Sartor (Source)

“Day and night, there’s a lot of photo spots, after from waterfall go to Penatapen.” Trisna GintThink (Source)

“Enjoy nature while recreation with family. Highly recommended for those who like nature with the charm of a beautiful waterfall. Entrance fees are affordable. Simply make between IDR 5,000 to IDR 60,000 when you enter with a group.” Kriswanto Ginting (Source)

“Feel the cool air plus the atmosphere of the mountains such as the view of the trees, large mountain rocks that are located around the waterfall, feel the splash of the waterfall blown by the wind makes us feel happy with the friendly nature of nature.” putrawankurnia (Source)

“Sikulikap Waterfall is located in the Berastagi area of Karo Regency, where people relax to enjoy boil/grill corn and other foods. While looking at the vast panorama of Berastagi’s green hills and being able to see Gibon monkeys roaming freely around it.” Valent Huba (Source)

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