Silalahi Beach

silalahi beach

Silalahi Beach is a white-sand beach on the north shore of Lake Toba. It is known as the tip of Lake Toba because it is far from many other attractions. The beach is in Dairi and quite crowded during holidays. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Silalahi Beach is the most beautiful beach on Lake Toba and famous for its clear water. The water is so clear that the grass at the bottom of the lake along with the fish is visible. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and fishing there. Moreover, offshore Silalahi Beach with a depth of 904 meters (2,966 ft) is the deepest part of the lake. The scenery, with the beach and rocky land in the background, is beautiful and natural. Houses around the beach are unique as they stand on the rocks. The farmers also grow crops among the rocks.

What to Enjoy

The combination of the expanse of hills with the clear water of Lake Toba is the main attraction of Silalahi Beach. Even though it takes about 4 hours to get there from Medan, tourists still love Silalahi Beach for camping, staying, and fishing. You can also enjoy surfing when the waves are high.

Upon arriving at Silalahi Beach, visitors’ eyes would immediately fall on a hill not far from the shoreline. Its unique shape makes this island a tourist spot for selfies. They call it Bukit Ceria, a place where the crowds come on weekends. You can rent a tent, order food and drinks from vendors, and enjoy the sunny weather.

What to Expect

There is a retribution fee of Rp 20,000 (US$ 1.75) to walk to the beach. Food and drinks are available at a few small restaurants. They offer the delights of freshwater fish such as carp and goldfish, either fried or baked, with unique Batak spices.

What Visitors Say

“Amazing Place, Fresh and cool.” Andrew Silalahi (Source)

“This is a good place to visit.” Nova Belliana (Source)

“Very cozy place to hangout.” Benny Christian (Source)

“The beach area (lakeside) is often visit by tourists to spend the night to camp while does many activities such grill fish and play guitar. Highly recommended and arguably my favorite place here too.” Fariz (Source)

“The afternoon breeze hit the face and gave a cool feeling, and caused small ripples in the waves of the largest lake in Southeast Asia. Plus the hot and sweet Sidikalang coffee served by an innkeeper, makes the body feel warm and fresh.” Sopo Panisioan (Source)

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