Simalem is a tourist village with a total developed area of 206 hectares (509 acres) located at Merek District, Karo. Simalem is about 4 hours from Medan. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Simalem boasts not only a natural scenery of pine forest and Lake Toba, but also a well-integrated park including a hotel and resort, a fruit garden, an animal garden, a flower garden, outing and camping grounds, a temple, flying fox bridges, cliff climbing prototypes, and a golf course. The architecture of hotel and resort buildings combine the Batak and modern look. The plantation of various fruit and vegetable (citrus, wasabi, dutch eggplant, avocado, etc.) is arranged neatly in one place. Smaller parks include Fountain of Wealth, Pearl of Lake Toba, and Tongging Point. If you love adventure, you can play paintball and paragliding, or join the hiking. Some restaurants and cafes are facing Lake Toba, too.

Take the tour of the forest to Twin Waterfalls and ends at One Tree Hill. One Tree Hill is the spot from where you can see everything around the Taman Simalem Resort, Tongging Village, Mount Sinabung, and Sipiso-Piso Hill from a distance.

What to Expect

Entrance ticket prices vary. For pedestrian it is Rp 50,000, motorcycle Rp 85,000, 8-seater minibus Rp 250,000, minibus of maximum 15 seats Rp 500,000, coach of maximum 20 seats Rp 900,000, coach of more than 20 seats Rp 1,200,000. You will receive a booklet of Taman Simalem Resort, a map and discount vouchers that are redeemable with fresh vegetables or soft drinks. There are some facilities that, if you want to use them, incur additional costs.

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