Simalungun Museum

simalungun museum

Simalungun Museum

Simalungun Museum is a Batak museum dedicate for the Simalungun sub-tribe. It is at Proklamasi Village, Pematangsiantar, about 2 hours from Medan. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

It is the largest Simalungun museum on Lake Toba. It preserves an estimated 1,000 pieces of historical items. The collection consists of agricultural equipment, household appliances, fishing equipment, art tools, and jewelry. The names of the equipment appear in Batak language, e.g., hudali (hoe), pasu plate (plate for kings), hail (hook), and so forth. A number of them are the heritage from late kings of Simalungun. It is a must-visit if you want to understand the culture of Simalungun.

What to Enjoy

In this place you can find various kinds of historical relics from the royal era. ranging from weapons, pots or plates, decorations, other eating utensils, then there is also a collection of pottery, ancient currency and even ancient manuscripts containing Natural observations such as astrology and traditional medicinal herbs are also available.

Although the area of ​​this tourist attraction is not too wide, and is not a natural tourist attraction. you can still channel your photography hobby, by taking advantage of the views of various historical objects at the Simalungun Museum, such as various types of weapons during the royal period, cooking utensils, cutlery and others.

There is also a visitor’s favorite interesting spot that you can use as a background for your photo with your friends or family, namely in front of the collection display that this place has to offer, visitors can also take pictures outside the museum area. thrive. If you are satisfied with getting lots of photos, you can upload them on various social media that you have.

What to Expect

Entrance is free. The museum is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm.

What Visitors Say

“I love this place,its opened my view about simalungun or batak culture.” Ezra Damanik (Source)

“We can really learn about Simlaungun culture here. The contents are completely original, and were process directly by the Simalungun Museum Foundation. If you visit, you can help (donate) sincerely for the progress of the Simalungun Museum and I hope the government can also motivate the public to love visiting museums because museums are places for learning and entertainment.” Ara Adisti (Source)

“For those who want to see historical objects that are used by Raja Simalungun, I recommend this place, because it can increase knowledge especially for school children.” Kasih Neatlie (Source)

“When my friends and I from campus visited this museum, we were the only visitors, even though the collection of this museum is quite large and varied.” andespure (Source)

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