Sipinsur Park

sipinsur park geosite and pine forest

Sipinsur Park (Taman Wisata Sipinsur) is a park on the Sipinsur hill on the south shore of Lake Toba. The park has an area of about 2 hectares (5 acres), grown-up pine trees, and a relatively flat grass landscape. Located at 1,213 meters (3,980 ft) above sea level, it presents the lake’s natural scenery overlooking Sibandang island. It is about 6 hours from Medan, but only 30 minutes from the nearest airport. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Sipinsur Park provides a different view of the beauty of Lake Toba. When standing on the edge of the park, you can see a much bigger picture of the lake than what you can see elsewhere in general, given that your position is on the hill. The blue lagoon looks wide from there, while Sibandang island looks small right in front of you. Further in the distance is Samosir island that looks asleep but displays its bluish color, apparently the reflection of the blue sky and blue lake water. The area is suitable for those looking for tranquility. It is also ideal for a family vacation as it has a playground for kids.

In other words, Sipinsur offers a unique view and experience, different from any other side of the lake.

What to Enjoy

Here is a list of what the park is good for.

  • Selfie Spot

Nowadays life doesn’t complete if we go somewhere without taking pictures. We will immediately find the best spot, then capture it. In Sipinsur, there are lots of photo spots that you can use to capture the beauty of Lake Toba and towering pine trees. If you are lucky, you can also take selfie pictures with the background of clouds below you.

  • Children’s Playground

Sipinsur also provides a playground for children. The facilities include swings, places to climb, and a large vacant garden., In other words, anyone can enjoy the natural beauty of Sipinsur without exception.

  • Camping Ground

In the Sipinsur area there is a pine forest which is usually used for camping activities. Those of you who wish to camp here must be prepared for cold weather that will stab you to the bone. The air can reach 17 degrees Celsius (62° F) due to its high altitude.

What to Expect

There’s so much more you can do besides taking pictures, looking after the kids, and camping. For example, it is an excellent place for relaxation and group outings. Snacks and drinks are available in the area, so you can go there without worrying about logistics. There is a minimal entry fee, i.e. access is almost free.

What Visitors Say

“Great place, the place is clean, we all hope that people come there are following the rules, the scenery there are insane, very beautiful and the place also cool, I suggest photographer to come here, because you can get beautiful collection.” TXFaster (Source)

“By visiting this geosite, you get beautiful view of Lake Toba, freshness of pine forest and green nature. The ticket is quiet cheap. But better if you get there when the site isn’t crowded by people. And don’t worry there are many food seller s and mini restos inside.” Ezra Natalyn (Source)

“A very good place to bring families for vacation or just family time. Our children can play at the playground under the pines tree while we are the parents take their photos or just sit on the ground and enjoy snacks 😉
The ticket is very affordable.” Denny Amin (Source)

“In this place the view is very good, we can see Lake Toba from a height.” Heffri Hutapea (Source)

“This place is perfect for getting rid of tired, it offers a beautiful view of Lake Toba complete with Sibandang Island, a cool place with lots of pine trees, especially in the afternoon, wow, the sun is really cool.” AnSam08 (Source)

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