Siringo Waterfall

siringo waterfall

Siringo Waterfall is an 8-meter (26 ft) tall waterfall located at the Silahi Sabungan District, Dairi. The surrounding of this waterfall is quiet and far from villages, which makes it a favorite place for anglers. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Siringo Waterfall’s calm and beautiful surrounding makes it stand out in the forest. The water is cold and fresh. Fish is visible, and the pond is clear.

What to Enjoy

On the way to the waterfall, visitors will see the natural beauty of Silahi Sabungan. Forest and trees decorate the scenery. You will also see the beauty of Lake Toba. This is because the location of this waterfall is on a plateau, so the lake is visible. When arriving at Siringo Waterfall, visitors will see the charm of the water that is so fast falling from a cliff which has a height of approximately 20 meters.

There is more to enjoy. There is a large tree that visitors usually use to sit and look at the beauty of Siringo Waterfall.

What to Expect

You have to walk about 1 kilometer (0.6 mi) from the nearest place reachable by motorbikes or four-wheeled vehicles, i.e., the Lau Renun hydroelectric area, Silalahi Village III. The area has no electricity. Bring survival items as there are no food and beverage sellers along your way or near the waterfall. Your walk will include about 500 meters (0.3 mi) of browsing through the Binango river stream, in addition to crossing a light bush on the river side and occasionally stepping on the rocks.

What Visitors Say

“If you go to Silalahi, this place is a shame if you don’t stop by. Because the location is not so far from the shores of Lake Toba. The waterfall has several levels. If you are lazy to bathe in the lake, you can also take a bath here. Even cooler.” Afadh Asdi (Source)

“The waterfall is great, the view is really good, I accidentally found this waterfall, but it’s great Susana is beautiful.” Walid Alhasbi (Source)

“The waterfall is good, but the location around the waterfall is still small. Still rocks, if it’s crowded there, it will feel narrow. For those who want to swim, the bathroom (changing clothes) is not yet available.” Ricky Lolo (Source)

“In this place, you will feel the tranquility of nature that is still beautiful without the hustle and bustle of village or city life. The unspoiled forest with various animals such as birds can be heard along the way.” Kendhil (Source)

“The depth of the lake under the level four waterfall is about five meters. So, for visitors who don’t know how to swim, we recommend that you don’t try to swim.” Bona (Source)

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