Situmurun Waterfall

situmurun waterfall

Situmurun Waterfall is a 70-meter (230 ft) high waterfall located at the Binangalom village in the Lumban Julu district, Toba Samosir. The residents also call it Binangalom waterfall, about 1 hour from Parapat. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Situmurun waterfall is the biggest and most beautiful waterfall that descends directly onto Lake Toba.

What to Enjoy

You can jump from the boat onto the lake then enjoy swimming. You can rent a boat for your group only or join the public dispatch organized by boat companies. The departure points are Parapat, Ajibata, and certain hotels on Samosir island.

Enjoy the view of the 7-level waterfall and the ripples that look so tempting, as well as with the scenery of storks who deliberately seemed to meditate on the lake shores and the cliffs covered with green plants. Swimming is the most popular activity around the waterfall. Another favorite activity is hunting pora-pora. Pora-pora is a kind of small fish that lives in the waters of Lake Toba.

What to Expect

You have to cruise on a motorboat from Parapat or Samosir to reach the location. The fare is Rp 500,000 to Rp 600,000 ($37 to $45) a boat, good for 4-5 people. Take the advice of the residents (boat drivers) if you want to swim.

What Visitors Say

“A very nice place to go if you have a trip to Lake Toba. This place is only can be access with a motor boat. For me this place is kind of a very unique place. Kayaking in here is a must!!” William Budiyana (Source)

“Amazing … the only most beautiful waterfall. Straight to Lake Toba. Horasss … !!! Let’s go to the Situmurun waterfall.” Mr Nainggolan (Source)

“The beauty of God’s creation that is offered through Situmurun Waterfall, is very beautiful and nice to be visited by domestic and foreign tourists. 💕 ” Jeri Pelealu (Source)

“The natural charm of the waterfall is very good, beautiful for selfies and suitable for those who like to bathe in the wild.” Raden Bagus (Source)

“This destination is only loved by foreign tourists due to boat rental services which are quite expensive. There is something unique in my opinion, namely the Situmurun Waterfall that flows directly into Lake Toba, not into the high seas and this waterfall is also believed by the local community to bring a mate, you know… it’s worth inviting them here, hahaha…” anakrimba46 (Source)

“This waterfall is unique because this waterfall falls directly into Lake Toba, while other waterfalls only empties into Lake Toba. To enjoy the beauty of this waterfall, we can only use boats or can’t go by land.” my30uplife (Source)

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