Sopo Partungkoan

sopo partungkoan

Sopo Partungkoan is an ancient house that functions as a meeting avenue at the town of Tarutung, North Tapanuli. It is about 1 hour from the nearest airport. To see it on the map, click here.

Monday (26/12/2022), after the Oikumene Christmas Celebration, at around 8 PM WIB, the Regent of North Tapanuli Drs Nikson Nababan MSi inaugurated a city park in Tarutung, now has a garden that the community can use for recreation or relaxation. The city park, which was built in the Sopo Partungkoan Complex, Jalan Sisingamangaraja, is equipped with a fountain and recreational facilities. Three buildings with Batak House ornaments (DPRD Building, Sopo Partungkoan, and Inspectorate/BKD Office Building) complement this park to become a garden with cultural nuances

What’s Special

The house used to be the place where Batak ancient leaders met to discuss and approve significant matters including the formulation of the customs and law, foreign relations, and security. The house has a bathroom where King Sisisingamangaraja XII (the last king of Batak) took showers. He spent quite some time in the house. It is a historical and cultural site to visit. It now functions as a venue for art gallery and events.

There is a durian tree not far from Sopo Partungkoan, which is also an attraction for tourists. According to local residents, the city name (i.e. Tarutung) came from the hundreds-of-years-old durian tree. The tree is still growing today and at certain times still bears fruit although the timing is uncertain. Sometimes it does once in two years, and sometimes once in three years. This tree is a symbol of the founding of the city of Tarutung.

What to Enjoy

Visit events at Sopo Partungkoan to enjoy the beauty of North Tapanuli and, at the same time, explore the Batak history, traditions, and culture.

What to Expect

You must report to security guards to enter the building except during the events. Entrance is free.

What Visitors Say

“The Tapanuli’s icon.” Michael Prilas Simanjuntak (Source)

“Super Building, very nice place, awesome sweet weather, strongly recommended place.” Otak Juara (Source)

“The venue for the cultural arts festival. And also the anniversary exhibition of North Tapanuli Regency.” Buya Habib (Source)

“In front of Sopo Partungkoan we can find a well which is said to be where King Sisingamangaraja XII bathed.” Jhonsibarani (Source)

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