Tahura National Park

Tahura National Park is a nature park within the protected forest in Karo Tongkeh village, Karo. It has a total area of 51,600 hectares (200 sq mi), mainly conserving plants and animals. It is about 3 hours from Medan. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

It is one of the largest tropical forest conservation areas in the region. The park has an extensive collection of wild species, both from internal and external sources. Domestic species are for example Merkusii pine, Altingia exelsa, Schima wallichii, Podocarpus sp, Toona surei, Durian, Dadap, Rambutan, Pulai, Aren, Rotan. External species: Caribbean pine, Insular pine, Eucalyptus sp, Agathis sp, etc. Some of the fauna that lives in this region include monkeys, tigers, gibbons, wild pigs, snakes, eagles, deer, pangolin, many kinds of birds, and others.

There are a beautiful waterfall and many clear and easy paths. You will almost certainly see wildlife a short walk into the jungle, such as gibbons or other primates, and have a good chance of seeing a hornbill or some other exotic birds. The park also offers rides on elephants and horses.

What to Expect

Guides are available to accompany your tour for safety reasons. They will protect you if you come across tigers, snakes, and other predators. Entrance fee is Rp 30,000 ($2.5). There are souvenir shops at the entrance. Make sure to grab some cute items there. Food stalls are available inside the park. There are many flowers along the paths, but you are not allowed to pick any of them.

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