Tangkahan is a breeding ground for wild elephants on a clean river in the Sumatra’s tropical forest. It is in the village of Namo Sialang, Batang Serangan, Langkat, about 3.5 hours from Medan. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

The unique activity there (rarely found in other tourist attractions) is the opportunity to bathe the elephant and ride it while roaming the forest. Various kinds of trees and tropical forest vegetation combined with hilly land make Tangkahan not only an attraction but also a place to learn about nature, living creatures, flora and fauna, the rivers, waterfalls, hot water, valleys and even rare plants such as Rafflesia. There are also many activities you can do there, such as rafting on the river, tubing, and trekking. Tubing is an activity of using inflated truck tubes to float in the river. The topography of the hill that has many cliffs is suitable for those whose hobby is climbing.

What to Expect

A variety of lodging facilities such as Bamboo River Lodge, Green Lodge, Jungle Lodge, and Tangkahan Inn are available in the area. There are tour guides who are ready to take you to various places you want to visit. Bargain on their fees before booking, ranging from Rp 250,000 ($20) to Rp 300,000 ($25)/day. Entrance fee: Rp 3,000 ($0.25)/adult, parking Rp 5,000 ($0.40/bike and Rp 10,000($0.80)/car.

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