Tanjung Unta

tanjung unta

Tanjung Unta or Camel Cape is a small peninsula that looks like a resting camel on the town of Tigaras (1.5 hours north-west of Parapat), or 5 hours from Medan. It is a virgin area of thin pine forest. To see it on the map, click here.

The meeting held by the local government some time ago explained several important matters conveyed by the Regional Secretary, Waston Simbolon stated that the Samosir Regency Government is worthy and worthy of being visited by local, national, and foreign tourists. Samosir is ready to be visited and has made improvements to various tourism object facilities including Tourism Human Resources (HR).

He explained, in welcoming Christmas and New Year as well as in serving tourists, the Samosir Regency Government had prepared art studio performances with various local-charged attractions. Shows will be prepared at the entrance to the harbor and tourist attractions.

What’s Special

This place features a bay with a peaceful natural scenery surrounded by forest. Pine trees are lush in this area. The trees, the cape shape, and green lake water will make you amazed. From this place, visitors can also see the forest around Lake Toba. Camel Cape is perfect for family vacations.

There are various activities you can do there. If you like camping, some areas near the peninsula are suitable for camping. You can also fish or just going around in the water using a boat. Canoeing (boating) and water skiing are also abundantly available for visitors. And all of the above comes of course with a green and beautiful landscape on the horizon.

What to Enjoy

The location where Tanjung Unta is located is indeed very exotic, you are guaranteed to be amazed at the beauty of the hill located in Tambun Raya Village, Dolok Pardamean District, Simalungun, North Sumatra. If you are traveling to Tigaras, this headland can be seen perfectly along the side of the road. If you want more clarity, stop for a moment at Panorama Selfie Batu Lihi Star. From this spot the view is perfect

Visually Tanjung Unta is very special. He seemed trapped in the waters of Lake Toba. Especially when the sun goes down, the light that emanates from behind the headland feels very peaceful. For local residents, this object which is close to Sipolha Horison is the best place for refreshing in the afternoon.

What to Expect

The road to the area is paved but broken at some places. Rent a motorbike if you wish to see around after you have settled. During the dry season, many irresponsible land burners reduce the beauty of this volcanic lake.

What Visitors Say

“Camel Cape, as the name implies tanjung means land that protrudes into the sea. And camel which means camel. This place is called a cape because in this area there is a land that is like a camel that is resting. This tourist spot shows a beautiful view. At this location you can also camping and even fishing.” Paisal Harahap (Source)

“Needs a lot of improvement, especially the access road to the location is very worrying.” Hamdan Ritonga (Source)

“Mantul, the mango shrimp can pick a lot by using your hands haha, cool, you need to try it yourself to know how the sensation is.” Jeje Kecil (Source)

“From a distance, Tomok can be seen from here also, but the weather is a bit foggy and the view is not very clear when i was here.” mystoriesmemories (Source)

“Tanjung Unta tourist attraction is very beautiful, the area is quite cool, and close to other tourist objects
the arrangement of the Tanjung Unta tourist attraction is still very minimal, if it is arranged with the possibility that there will be more tourist visitors.” ringostar17 (Source)

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