Tarabunga Hill


Tarabunga is a hill and peninsula by Lake Toba at Balige, Toba Samosir. It is about 30 minutes from Sisingamangaraja XII International Airport. To see it on the map, click here.

On the 23rd anniversary of the Toba district, the district government planted trees around the Tarabunga tourist attraction. Regent of Toba district, Poltak Sitorus invites the whole community to maintain and preserve the beauty of the environment by planting trees. Various types of trees planted include macadamia trees, suren (ingul), mahogany, matoa and trembesi trees.

What’s Special

Tarabunga is a famous site for pre-wedding photography. It has a unique view of the terraced rice fields. Tarabunga also offers a panorama of the row of hills on the edge of the lake. Its red sky often brings out rainbow-like colors at sunrise and sunset. The weather is normally cool due to the high altitude.

There are also a lot of graves on this mountain. Residents believe the higher the cemetery the closer the buried is to heaven.

What to Expect

Roads can be muddy during raining seasons. Otherwise, the road to get there is relatively good. You can access Tarabunga by motorbike or car. There is also a dock on the Tarabunga beach that serves as a faster and more convenient gateway to the hill. Most hotels in the area offer boat pickup to their guests. The ride is free for them. The general passengers will have to pay the fare (the amount is depending on the routes).

What to Enjoy

There are a few nice hotels on the hill. Tarabunga is a nice place for holidays, picnic, and paragliding. For example, you can enjoy paragliding from Tarabunga to Pahoda Hill.

If you come to Tarabunga, take the time to enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Toba from the hills. If you want to eat, you can go straight to Lumban Silintong, which only about 15 minutes away. There are also camping locations for nature lovers and stretches of empty land in between the hills for motor cross riders.

What Visitors Say

“One of the attractions of Tarabunga is its beautiful panorama because it can spoil the eyes after a tired day of activities.” Eduard Sibuea (Source)

“Usually the sunset from the top of this hill is very beautiful. If we are lucky and it doesn’t rain, there will be a reddish color over Lake Toba. ” Nita (Source)

“Enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba from a height at the southern tip. Extraordinarily beautiful, these eyes are spoiled by the beautiful results of God’s creation.” Iwan Regar (Source)

“The best place I have ever visited, we can see the view of Lake Toba from the top of the hill and [it is] certainly an Instagrammable photo spot.” Prayogo KD (Source)

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