Tarutung (also known as Rura Silindung) is a flat valley and the center of the government of North Tapanuli. The town is famous for its hot springs and panoramic views. It is about 1 hour from the nearest airport. To see it on the map, click here.

Tarutung City Park was officially inaugurated some time ago. These ideas and ideas came from the Regent of North Tapanuli, Nikson Nababan, who said that Tarutung City would be more beautiful and beautiful.

Our park will allow North Tapanuli residents to enjoy a new face in the city and not only for local residents but also for all residents who visit North Tapanuli to enjoy and become a tourist trigger. In the future, the government plans to further develop this park by adding facilities such as places to eat and WiFi.

What’s Special

Besides being the capital city of North Tapanuli, Tarutung is famous for its rich variety of customs, cultures, and culinary delights. In particular, Tarutung is home to the following attractions that you can visit in one trip:

  1. Parbubu Soda Water
  2. Sipoholong Hot Spring Bath
  3. Cross of Love
  4. Sibandang Island
  5. Sopo Partungkoan

What to Enjoy

The most beautiful scenery of Tarutung is visible from any of the hills that flank the Silindung valley. Ride up the right or left side of the town, then from the hill enjoy its unrivaled beauty. You will see the flow of the Sigeaon River that swerves towards Pahae. Or you can go up to Mount Siatas Barita where you get the same view. In Tarutung, you can also see hand-weaving of ulos, a typical Batak craft. Ulos from Tarutung is famous for its beautiful woven, so it is among the best sellers. From there you can ride on motorbike or car to enjoy the sightseeing. The town is indeed unique and antique.

What to Expect

There are star hotels as well as guest houses in Tarutung. If you stay there or pass this place, make sure to try the local coffee even though you are not a coffee addict. Also, try local dishes such as Saksang or Napinadar chicken for the best experience of Tarutung.

What Visitors Say

“Nice view. Got plenty of bath room (private and public). The sulfur smell was too thick (bring along mask if you are not comfortable). Beautiful place. Easy excess with accommodation, parking, groceries.” Ana Ismail (Source)

“Nice view, instagramable, good place for Christian people, the atmosphere is very calm. For trekking or outdoor lover, it is the great place. The bad thing not good for old person because it has too high and exhausting track.” Orlandio Jeremy (Source)

“Tarutung is not a city to make money by shopping or traveling at an expensive cost, but a city for traveling to calm down or just get away from the fatigue of daily activities.” Sabammanurung (Source)

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