Tele Village & Tower

tele tower

Tele is a hilly area west of Lake Toba in Tele Village, Harian Boho District, Samosir. There is a tower (Tele Tower) that provides an observation point of Lake Toba on the side of the village road. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Tele is the only route to access Samosir island by land. All other routes are by ferry only. The land trip will pass a bridge connecting Sumatra with Samosir.

Meanwhile, Tele Tower offers an unparalleled 360° view of Lake Toba. The lake, the island and much more are visible from this tower. Visitors can see the beauty of Lake Toba into all directions from the viewing post.

What to Enjoy

There are three levels of the post. You can walk up all the way to the roof top to get the best view. Alternatively, get to the first and second floor for a moderate experience. Both stories have glass walls, suitable for viewing as well photography.

So, what is there to see? On the left side, there is the legendary Mount Pusuk Buhit. And on the right side, there are towering mountain rows, deep valleys, green pine hills, and Sampuran Waterfall. There is also a residential area to see at the foot of the sacred mountain.

Before continuing the trip, enjoy some drinks and Batak cuisine in the rest area not far from the tower.

What to Expect

The road to the location is uphill and very winding. The width of the road is estimated to be about 3 meters (9 ft). So, it is advisable to be careful.

Entrance fee to the tower is Rp 7,000 ($0.50) per head. There is no accommodation in Tele as it is mainly a stopover for those going to or leaving from Samosir by land.

What Visitors Say

“Good view, but toilet cleanliness is not. There are snack sellers.. overall a good spot to take a break while seeing some neat views.” Edbert Khovey (Source)

“One of the best place in Lake Toba, to take a picture with best moment of sunset and sunrise.. Recommended place.” Pandi Riady (Source)

“Need some significant maintenance.” Roy Anthony (Source)

“The Tele that morning that I enjoyed was very quiet, only our group crossed the Tele Watch Tower at that time. The traffic and the passing fleet were still drinking, completely quiet and desolate.” sryatman (Source)

“From the height of the tower, I could see the winding road we had previously taken from the direction of Pangururan. From above, it was very clear that the road we were on was a very quiet road.” lomardasika (Source)

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