Terms & Conditions of Our Service

Confirmation and acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By accessing or using this website, you (“you” or “user”) confirm that you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions of Our Service (from now on referred to as “Terms and Conditions” or “this Agreement”) set herein. In this Agreement, the “Service” means LakeToba.com, including its mobile site and application, and the services provided by the staff and company operating LakeToba.com (“we” or “us”). If you disagree with any of the following, please immediately stop using the Service.

This website is under construction at this time. You shall not transact with us until we are ready and we have removed this paragraph.

1. General rule

The contents of this Agreement include the text of the agreement that has been released or may be released in the various types of rules, including but not limited to disclaimers, privacy policy, product booking notes, travel contracts, account agreements, and other agreements (“Other Terms”). Other Terms shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency between this Agreement and Other Terms. Unless otherwise expressly stated, this Agreement and Other Terms shall govern all Services that we provide.

If you have signed up as a partner of LakeToba.com, then you are deemed to have agreed to this Agreement and, as relevant, all Other Terms.

2. Service overview

LakeToba.com is an online and web-based computer application that provides travel guide, information on points of interest, and booking services of certain travel products. We may work with our partners or on our own in offering the products. In particular, our products include (but are not limited to):

  1. travel guide,
  2. accommodations,
  3. tours,
  4. car rentals,
  5. cruises, and
  6. merchandise.

Our travel guide covers basic info, visa and immigration, transportation, money and banks, food and drinks, language and culture, Internet, phone and electricity, among others.

We charge commissions on the bookings that we successfully refer and earn profits on our own products that we sell.

3. Modification of the Terms and Conditions

We may modify this Agreement from time to time without a prior notice. But to be fair with you, we will mark the edits in blue text so that you may trace the changes we have implemented. The changes take effect in 7 days of their appearance on this page.  If you do not agree to the relevant changes, you should immediately stop visiting LakeToba.com and using our Service. If you continue visiting the website or using the Service after such seven days, then you are deemed to have accepted the revised Terms and Conditions.

4. Service changes, interruptions, termination

You fully understand and agree that the Service involves the Internet and computer applications, communications and other things that may be affected by various aspects including human, technology, and nature. If you incur any loss or damage (directly or indirectly) due to any interruption, cancellation, termination of service, computer virus or hacker attack, bug, malfunction, design weakness, system instability, user location, user shutdown, network, Internet, communication (whether the incident represents  a force majeure or not), then you agree that you will not seek any compensation from us. We are not liable for compensation, damage, and any form of recovery of your loss unless it is the direct result of our gross negligence and intentional misconduct.

We need to regularly or irregularly provide our network services platform and related equipment with development and maintenance, which may cause interruptions to our Service. We may also need to suspend our Service temporarily due to a breakdown or a need for repair work on our platform or elsewhere. In no case shall LakeToba.com be held responsible for your loss. But we shall notify you as early as possible and in advance about the interruptions, but we are not to be held responsible if we fail to.

We may also terminate our Service permanently at any time at our discretion with or without any advance notice. We are liable to refund you for incomplete services that you have paid for, but we are not liable to bear any other impact of the Service termination.

5. The use of rules

Users must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia when using LakeToba.com, and the user agrees that they will not use the service for any illegal or improper activities, including but not limited to the following:

Upload, display, post, disseminate or otherwise transmit information that:

(1) challenges the basic principles adopted by the 1945 Constitution;

(2) endangers national security, divulges state secrets, subverts state power and undermines national unity;

(3) damages the national honor and interest;

(4) incites national hatred, ethnic discrimination, destruction of national unity;

(5) undermines the national religious policy, or promotes cults and feudal superstition;

(6) spreads rumors, disturbs the social order, undermines social stability;

(7) disseminates obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, or crime;

(8) insults or slanders others, or goes against the legitimate rights of others;

(9) appears false, harmful or coercive, infringes upon others’ privacy, or constitutes harassment, infestation, slander, vulgarity, indecency, or other ethically offensive content;

(10) contains any other content against the laws, rules, regulations applicable in Indonesia.

Use a network service system for any unlawful purpose. Use LakeToba.com to engage in the following activities:

(1) without permission, (a) accessing the computer information network or using computer information network resources to delete, modify or add any data, (b) entering the computer information network storage, processing, transmission or applications to delete, modify or add any data; (c) deliberately creating or spreading computer viruses and other destructive programs; (d) doing other hazards to computer information network security.

(2) Commercial use of any data on LakeToba.com’s website, including but not limited to the use of the information displayed on LakeToba.com, in any manner without our prior written consent.

(3) intervention or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of LakeToba.com website or any transaction, activity, or takeing any significant data load that would cause unreasonable traffic on LakeToba.com by using any device, software or routine, etc.

(4) acts of unfair competition in violation of the principle of good faith, or malicious acts such as malicious orders or malicious transactions to disrupt LakeToba.com normal operations.

(5) other acts not related to online transactions.

6. Copyright notice

Users who accept the terms of this Agreement shall indicate that their copyrights in any form of information published on this site include, but are not limited to, reproduction, distribution, lease, exhibition, representation, and broadcast rights. Further, the users acknowledge that they have transferred the right of dissemination, reproduction, translation and assembly as well as all other transferable rights enjoyed by the copyright owners exclusively to LakeToba.com, and confirm that they have the necessary permission to do so. The users are responsible to cover and pay for all charges, costs and damages related to any infringement or improper use of copyrights that they commit.

[This Agreement shall constitute a written agreement under Article 25 of the Copyright Law and its effect and any content protected by the User in the LakeToba.com, whether or not the Content is formed before or after the signing of this Agreement After the agreement is signed. Members agree and have a clear understanding of the above terms, not to have published in this site information, in any form to publish or authorize other sites and media (LakeToba.com affiliated company website) use. At the same time, LakeToba.com reserves the right to delete all types of non-conforming information without notice to members.]

[LakeToba.com is the operator of LakeToba.com, with the content and resources of this site copyright, by the national intellectual property protection, enjoy the interpretation of the statement and modify the right; without LakeToba.com clear written permission, Any unit or individual shall not in any way, in any text for all and partial reproduction, reproduced, quoted. Otherwise, the Company will pursue its legal liability.]

[All information is protected by the Copyright Law of the Republic of Indonesia and relevant laws and regulations and all international intellectual property rights in Indonesia’s accession. We have formulated the relevant measures and steps aimed at protecting the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property rights holders. When the copyright owner and/or the right holder who can exercise the right of information network communication according to law (hereinafter referred to as “the right holder”), we may find that there may be infringement of its information network The rights of the right, the right person should be issued in advance to the site notice of the written rights and provide valid ownership of the certificate, the site will be taken in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to remove the relevant content. At the same time the user landing LakeToba.com submitted relevant comments, articles or other information published by LakeToba.com editor, LakeToba.com has the copyright, LakeToba.com has the right to use this website and affiliated company website users in LakeToba.com published information (including but not Limited to pictures, travel, etc.), but the user in the LakeToba.com published information if other visitors to reprint, subject to this site and the user’s permission, or as a tort, any other third person without LakeToba.com travel, no Reproduced, reproduced or used in any form. This website is not responsible for any claims, damages, etc. caused by a user or other third party who violates this legal notice.]

LakeToba.com does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the external links provided for the convenience of the user. If you are interested in copyright issues or other questions, please call or email this website. Immediately after verification, it will be deleted or changed.

7. User privacy

Respect for personal privacy is a basic policy of LakeToba.com. Therefore, LakeToba.com will not disclose or dispose of users’ personal data collected through membership services unscrupulously but rather will save it in non-public domains or folders only, unless there is a request received by LakeToba.com from law enforcement bodies or it is to be provided on the basis of good faith in any the following three cases:

(1) to comply with our legal service procedures.

(2) in an emergency situation to safeguard the privacy of users and the public privacy.

(3) to meet other relevant requirements.

Special authorization

You fully understand and irrevocably grant LakeToba.com, its affiliates and business partners the following rights free of charge:

(1) LakeToba.com affiliates or business partners allow LakeToba.com users to log in to affiliates or business partners and use their services, LakeToba.com users in affiliated companies or business partners are required to comply with the agreement of the agreement, published rules and Instructions and guidelines for proper use of the service. In order to achieve these functions, you agree to LakeToba.com to your LakeToba.com registration information, transaction/payment data and other information and data synchronization to the associated company or business partner system and allow its use.

(2) If you are a LakeToba.com affiliate or business partner user account and password login LakeToba.com, in order to achieve the same service to provide you with the function, you agree LakeToba.com your affiliate company or business partner account under the registration information, transactions / Payment data and other information and data synchronization to the LakeToba.com system and use, and you will not pursue LakeToba.com and LakeToba.com affiliated companies or business partners responsibility.

(3) To ensure the security of the transaction, LakeToba.com and its affiliates and business partners are allowed to analyze the user information and allow LakeToba.com and its affiliates and business partners to make commercial use of the above analysis results.

(4) LakeToba.com from the affiliated companies, business partners to obtain your information related to the source. For example, when you book through an affiliate company, a business partner website, the booking information you provide to it may be forwarded to LakeToba.com to process your order with LakeToba.com to make sure you book. In other words, LakeToba.com allows you to use the social media account associated with LakeToba.com account to log in, you agree to the case (you authorized to the social platform).

(5) You enjoy the services provided by LakeToba.com, authorized and agreed to accept LakeToba.com to your e-mail, mobile phone, mailing address, etc. to send business information, including not limited to the latest LakeToba.com product information, promotional information. If you choose not to accept all kinds of information provided by LakeToba.com, you can follow the appropriate settings provided by LakeToba.com to reject such information services.

8. The user’s account, password, and security

Once you have successfully registered as a user, you will get a password and an account. If you do not keep your account and password safe, will bear full responsibility. In addition, each user is responsible for all activities and events in his account. You can always change your password and icon, or you can end the old account to reopen a new account. If you find any illegal use of user accounts or security vulnerabilities, immediately notify the Shanghai LakeToba.com Business Limited. Please keep your password in good faith, do not let the password tell others, because of the password is not good for all the losses caused by your own. You have the right and responsibility for the activities, actions, and events of your account through your account and are not allowed to transfer your account in any form, authorize others to use your account and trade account with others. In view of the particularity of network services, LakeToba.com has no obligation to audit whether you use the group username and password, only the audit username and password is consistent with the preservation of the database, any person just enter the username and password saved in the database You can use the group name and password to log on and use LakeToba.com provided by the various types of services, so even if you think your account landing behavior is not your own, LakeToba.com will not bear any responsibility arising from.

9. Refused to provide security

The user expressly agrees that the use of the mail service is borne by the user personally. Shanghai LakeToba.com has made it clear that it does not provide any type of guarantee, whether express or implied, but does not restrict the implied warranties of merchantability, specific purpose and non-violation of the specified security. LakeToba.comdoes not guarantee the service will be able to meet the requirements of users, nor guarantee the service will not be interrupted, the service timeliness, security, errors are not guaranteed. LakeToba.comrefused to provide any guarantee, including the information, can be accurate, timely and smooth delivery. The user understands and accepts any information (downloaded or obtained through LakeToba.com Member Services), depending on the user’s own risk and liability for damage to the system or loss of data. Users will not receive oral or written opinions or information from LakeToba.com and will not make a clear guarantee here.

10. Limited liability

LakeToba.com is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and subsequent damage from improper use of network member services, illegal use of services or information transmitted by users. These damages will lead to LakeToba.com image damage, so LakeToba.com has already put forward the possibility of such damage.

11. LakeToba.com network member service information storage and restrictions

LakeToba.comis not responsible for the deletion or storage of the information released by the user. LakeToba.com does not set the upper limit of the amount of information transmission, but it has to determine whether the user’s behavior in line with LakeToba.com’s membership requirements and the spirit of the right to retain, if the user violated the provisions of the terms of service, the interruption of its network members Service account number. All the articles on this site are copyrighted by the original author and LakeToba.com and anyone who needs to reprint the article on the website must obtain the original author or LakeToba.com authorization.

12. User management

The user is solely responsible for the content of the release. The user’s use of the service is based on all local laws, national laws and international legal standards applicable to web services. The user must follow:

(1) must be issued in accordance with relevant Indonesian laws and regulations.

⑵ use of network membership services for illegal purposes.

⑶ do not interfere with or chaotic network services.

⑷ comply with all network services using network membership agreements, regulations and procedures.

The network member service is using the Internet to send and receive information. Therefore, the user’s behavior guidelines are based on the state’s relevant Internet regulations, policies, and procedures. The user shall promise not to transmit any illegal, harassing, slanderous, abusive, intimidating, damaging, vulgar, obscene and other information. In addition, the user can not transmit any information that incites others to commit a crime; cannot transmit information that contributes to domestic conditions and national security; cannot transmit any information that does not comply with local laws, national laws, and international law. Unauthorized access to other computer systems is prohibited. If the user’s behavior does not meet the above-mentioned terms of service, LakeToba.comwill make an independent judgment immediately cancel the user service account. Users are responsible for their actions in the online membership services. If the user spreads and disseminates reactionary, pornographic or other information that violates the national law in the network member service, the system record of the network member service may be evidence of the user’s violation of the law.

13. Protection

The user agrees to safeguard and maintain the interests of all members of LakeToba.com is responsible for the use of the use of services beyond the scope of the cost of lawyers, breach of service terms of the damage compensation costs, others use the user’s computer, account, and other intellectual property Fees.

14. The end of the service

Users or LakeToba.com may at any time according to the actual situation to stop the site service. LakeToba.com does not need to be responsible for any individual or third party at any time to interrupt the service. If the user object to any of the terms of service recommendations or amendments to the terms of the subsequent objection, or dissatisfaction with LakeToba.com members, the user only the following recourse:

⑴ no longer use LakeToba.com member services.

⑵ end of the user to use LakeToba.com membership services qualifications.

⑶ notice LakeToba.comto stop the user’s service. After the end of the user service, the user right to use LakeToba.com member service immediately suspended. Since then, LakeToba.comno longer bear any obligations to the user.

15. Notice

All announcements sent to the user can be sent via e-mail or regular mail. LakeToba.comwill send a message to the user through the mail service, tell them to modify the terms of service, service changes, or other important things.

16. To participate in advertising planning

Users can add information in their published information or participate in advertising planning, LakeToba.com members in the free service to show their products. Any such promotional methods, including the carriage of goods, payments, services, business conditions, guarantees and advertising-related descriptions, occur only between the corresponding user and the advertiser. LakeToba.com does not assume any responsibility, LakeToba.com members of the service is not obliged to any part of this advertising sales responsibility.

17. The contents of the message content

User-defined content includes text, software, sound, photo, video, chart; all content in the ad; the entire contents of the e-mail; LakeToba.com network member service to provide users with business information. All of these contents are protected by copyright, trademark, label and other property ownership laws. Therefore, users can only use the LakeToba.comand advertisers under the authority to use these content, and cannot copy, re-create the content, or create content-related derivative products.

18. The law

This Terms and Conditions is consistent with the country’s national legal analysis, including contention in the conflict of laws. Users and LakeToba.com agree to obey the jurisdiction of the court. If any of the terms conflict with the law, then these terms will be as close as possible to re-analysis, and other terms are to maintain the legal effect and impact on the user because the user explained the Terms and Conditions or through LakeToba.com booking any product. Of the dispute, will agree to accept the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia.

19. Operational liability

The tour operator is not responsible for any delay or damage, natural hazards, epidemic and accident, losses and other things beyond its capacity. Any arising cost due to the above shall be borne by each party respectively.