Teroh-Teroh Waterfall

Teroh-Teroh Waterfall is a part of what is locally known as Kolam Abadi (eternal pool), located in the area of ​​Galuh Village, Sei Bingai Subdistrict, Langkat Regency of North Sumatra. It is essentially a clear river that makes everyone feel addicted to return. The river current is so slow that it looks like a pond. It takes about 3 hours to get there from Medan city. After passing the normal city roads, you will go through the small path and down the hills for 20 minutes to the lips of the pool.

What’s special?

Teroh-Teroh Waterfall is unique. You can dive and open your eyes to be able to see clearly because the clarity of water down to the bottom of the pool of turquoise blue. Can also enjoy the waterfall teroh teroh by way of body rafting to go to the waterfall tersebut. Fresh atmosphere with the right side of the left cliff And green trees and natural scenery make you more relaxed and calm while in the pool with this cold water. On some sides, there is a deep river section, so you can jump free from the cliff top.

What to expect?

Use a live buoy that is administered to avoid unwanted things. For Entrance fee in Pond Abadi is charged Rp 45.000, – per person. The price includes the Guide fee during the trip at Abadi Pond and Teroh-Teroh Waterfall, vehicle parking fee, and use of public toilets to change clothes. No food and beverage seller in perennial pool, bring your own food. .There is no public transportation to Teroh Teroh Waterfall, it is advisable to rent a private vehicle to this place.

How to get there?

Arriving from Kualanamu International Airport in Medan, take the train (called railink) to city center, then grab a taxi to Pinang Baris bus station, take public bus (locally known as angkot) to binjai city, from there precisely near Binjai Supermall will be ranger offer Service takes you to the lasting pool or the most famous waterfall.

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