Tigaras Village

tigaras city

Tigaras is a village on the north-west shore of Lake Toba, about 31 kilometers (19 mi) northwest of Parapat, Simalungun. Tigaras is home to Tanjung Unta (Camel Cape) and some beaches. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

This place offers the beauty of Lake Toba, the panoramic view of its forest, and the beaches. Besides, Tigaras in popular for fishing. Its shore is among deepest shores on Lake Toba. Deeper water yields more fish. As the depth increases, the temperature in the water stabilizes, and that makes fish more comfortable. Fishing at night is more convenient than during the day due to the sun ray reflection during the day.

Directly facing the Samosir island’s promontory, Tigaras also has a port connecting the mainland with the island. You can get on the ferry to see Samosir during the day then return to relax at Tigaras in the afternoon.

What to Enjoy

What is special when we visit Tigaras? Tourist attractions in Tigaras with lake shore nuances are no less exciting than tourist attractions in other areas that also have lake shore nuances, namely Lake Toba.

The following are tourist attractions on the coast of Lake Toba in Tigaras which are very worth visiting.

  1. Pantai Raya Tirgaras
  2. Pantai Garoga
  3. Tanjung Unta
  4. Pantai Paris
  5. Pantai Kenangan

What to Expect

Actually Tigaras is a small town, choice of hotels is limited. Bring in excess cash due to the lack of cash machines in this area.

What Visitors Say

“This is the third time I have given a review, if I come three times, that means I never get bored of Kenangan Beach, friendly owner, comfortable atmosphere, right price in my pocket, feels like my own when I’m at Kenangan Beach.” Aswin 888 (Source)

“Alhamdulillah, very satisfied. The location is clean, the lake can be used as a place for bathing for families who have small children.” Sri Hastuti Handayani (Source)

“he other side of Lake Toba. The view is pretty good. Clean, the officers are quite friendly. The place is also not too crowd. But the entrance into it is rather steep, the car needs to be careful to go down.” Ummi Hanif (Source)

“Every holiday, many local tourists spend their holidays here. Local tourists are more interested in Garoga Tigaras than Haranggaol and Parapat. Garoga is an alternative tourist attraction in Lake Toba Simalungun.” Delfi S (Source)

“In short, if travelers want to enjoy the swift wind and exotic natural paintings on the granite rocks on the shoreline. Or enjoy the original fish of Lake Toba, even though you prepare yourself a little tired to come to Tigaras.” (Source)

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