Tjong A Fie Mansion

tjong a fie mansion

Tjong A Fie Mansion is one of the historical attractions in Medan. Mr. Tjong (1860-1921) was an entrepreneur from China who successfully built a plantation business in Sumatra. Tjong A Fie donated a bell tower to Medan City Hall Building. He also participated in the construction of Maimun Palace, Archbishop Sugiopranoto Church, a Buddhist temple in Brayan, a Hindu temple for Indians, Batavia Bank, Deli Bank, and bridges on Zainul Arifin Street. The businessman also established the first Chinese hospital in Medan and named it Tjie On Jie Jan. He was quite influential in the development of Medan city. He maintained a harmonious relationship with the Dutch East Indies government, Deli Sultanate, Medan people, and the Chinese empire. To see his mansion on the map, click here.

What’s Special

You can see the history of his house while imagining what happened there about one century ago. Despite the age, this two-story building still stands majestic and is well preserved in its original ancient Chinese architectural design. Malay and European styles influenced the structure. Almost all of the contents of this house are still using old furniture with high historical and artistic value. You can also see some of Tjong A Fie’s photo gallery. There is also a particular room where he kept an extensive collection of books. At least 1,000 items of antique furniture belonging to this family are still on display.

What to Expect

The entrance fee to this house is Rp35,000 per head for general visitors and Rp20,000 per person for students. The price includes the guide service. The family of Mr. Tjong’s grandchild occupies and manages the residence. It opens daily 09 am – 5 pm.