Toba Nomadic Escape

toba nomadic escape

Toba Nomadic Escape

Toba Nomadic Escape is a place to escape from your hectic days. It is in Pardamean Sibisa, Ajibata, Toba Samosir, 20 minutes from Parapat. The attraction includes camping grounds, cabins, and tents. Future hotels and resorts are under development there. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Toba Nomadic Escape stands on the edge of a cliff and directly faces a canyon by the lake. Two high hills flank the area. The are is a part of the development of 386.5 hectares (955 ac) of land owned by Lake Toba Development Authority into an integrated tourism village. Star hotels are coming to this location.

What to Enjoy

Near the entrance, on the edge of the cliff, there are two nomadic cabins that were transformed into inns. They offer romantic experiences. The glass wall directly faces the lake. In addition to the nomadic cabin facilities, there are also nomadic bell tents with a sleek interior. So the outdoor concept is still felt even with the facilities of a star hotel. There is also a transparent nomadic bubble tent. The shape resembles a large ball. From the ball-shaped tent, tourists can feel the sensation of a romantic overnight. Watch the star clusters on a clear day. In addition, there is a nomadic ecopod traced on the upper right side of the area.

The atmosphere is also getting cooler with other facilities. There is an amphitheater, caldera plaza, caldera stage and caldera hill, nomadic caravan park. Plus the camping ground provided for backpackers. They can bring their own tents.

What to Expect

Toba Nomadic Escape requires no fee or ticket to visit. You just need to pay for the parking fee. You will need an ID card or driving license as a proof to show to the security, just one for a group. So don’t forget to bring it.

What Visitors Say

“The Caldera Toba Nomadic Escape is a tourist place that offers beauty with the concept of Glamorous Camping or Glamping for tourists who want comfort, but still feel the natural atmosphere firsthand.” Valent Huba (Source)

“Love it! Have to try stay at night there.” Anjani Shanti (Source)

“Awesome destination to be visited by all people.” ワルドヨエヂ (Source)

“Great Place..” Henry Julius (Source)

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