Aritonang Monument

Toga Aritonang Monument (also called the Aritonang Monument) is a historical landmark in North Tapanuli. It is adjacent to the lip of Lake Toba, which is about 1,000 meters. The monument is the new icon of the regency. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Toga Aritonang Monument is a tribute to King Lontung VI from the Aritonang clan of Batak. It has a height of 33 meters (108 ft). The concrete monument bears three colors, i.e. red, black, and white. These further symbolize Batak’s values in general and Aritonang’s in particular. The purpose of its building is to remind the current generation about the values shared by the ancestors. Red means courage, black means leadership, and white means purity.

Toga Aritonang Monument has a unique design. For example, there are three leaves at its peak. They represent three children of Toga Aritonang (i.e., Opusungguh, Sirajaguguk, and Simaremare).

What to Enjoy

Thanks to the beauty of the natural panorama coupled with the presence of cultural elements, Toga Aritonang Monument offers one of the best viewing spots on Lake Toba.

From the monument, you can see the enchanting landscape of Lake Toba. Similarly, you can enjoy views of the hills from the area. It is an excellent location for spending quality time with friends or family.

What to Expect

Entrance and parking is free. There are plenty of parking lots. Unfortunately, it lacks clean toilets.

What Visitors Say

“Good place to meditate. You can see and enjoy a view of Toba lake while doing self reflection. Parking lot is so wide…” Onnyta (Source)

“Excellent viewpoint of lake toba..perfect place for photography. Very close from Muara, where nice restaurants are available. Ferry also available from Muara to cross lake toba to go samosir island. Ferry departs normally every hour at day time.” Hasib Reza (Source)

“The journey was hard, but the view was very great. You can see Bukit Barisan and Toba Lake in a different side.” Theresia Purba (Source)

“The place is cool, the view of Lake Toba from a height is steady. The monument is great,…” Inggou David Purba (Source)

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