Tomb of King Sidabutar

The tomb of King Sidabutar is a stone carved as human head along with some tombs of other kings around him. It is a natural stone, located at Tomok, Samosir. To see it on the map, click here.

What’ Special

The tomb complex contains three graves of kings and several graves of relatives. The first king and the second king had not embraced the divine religion but still followed the local beliefs called Parmalim. The third king, named Solompoan Sidabutar, had embraced Christianity. He was among the earlier Batak leaders who adopted the new religion and helped shaped the modern Batak culture. He was also one of the most powerful kings as he possessed supernatural powers. According to the legend, he never cut his hair to remain supernaturally powerful.

What to Expect

Before entering the grave, you are required to wear ulos (Batak custom fabric) provided at the entrance for free. Above the tomb, you will see a scarf with white, red, and black colors. The colors represent spiritual symbols, i.e., white for heaven (purity), red for earth (tranquility), and black for underground (death).

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