Tomb of King SSM XII

Tomb of King Sisingamangaraja XII is a pilgrimage destination as well as a cultural and historical site located at Pagarbatu, Balige. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Pilgrims from all over Indonesia visit the grave regularly to honor Sisingamangaraja XII as the national hero from Batak land. He was not only a king but also a leader whose fighting spirit had inspired the nation. His resistance against the Dutch occupation of Indonesia was exceptional. For example, he continued to fight even when the Dutch had captured his wife, his small children, and later his mother. He fought to death until 1907.

The king’s resting place was previously at the Sisingamangaraja Palace along with the graves of his 11 predecessors. After the country’s independence in 1945, the government moved his grave to Balige to make it more accessible. Balige is also the place where the fight started. 

What to Enjoy

There are several traditional Batak houses with gorga ornaments (a typical Batak carving), an old well and some relics from King Sisingamangaraja. And the most interesting thing is a red flag with a picture of two swords and an asterisk and moon. With an area of up to 1 hectare, this palace complex looks elegant with a thick traditional aura.

The entire area is lined with stones arranged to resemble a wall. The palace is surrounded by green nuances, every corner is planted with various types of plants. The main palace which is the residence of the descendants of this king is 189 years old. Visually, the colors are dominated by red, white and black. While all the walls are carved with gorga art. Not only that, in this complex there is also a monument called the Oloan King Monument. This monument is the pride of the Naibaho, Bakkara, Simanullang, Sihotang and Sihite clans. On several occasions, the clan groups often hold annual meetings here.

What to Expect

The tomb is open daily from 09:00 to 17:00. There is no entrance fee. The place is often used to hold traditional ceremonies, traditional parties, and other events. Try to be there when there are events as it helps you understand the culture. Note that you are not allowed to eat or drink inside the tomb complex.

What Visitors Say

“Easy to find. Large parking area. Friendly people.” Yofita (Source)

“he place is nice, shady also has historical value, clean too, but less attention.” dunia lirik (Source)

“The tomb is very clean. Avoid visiting on Monday so you can enjoy a visit to the tb silalahi center museum at once.” local guide (Source)

“Here we will find out completely about his biography. With these facilities, it is hoped that we become better acquainted with our predecessors, related to the struggle for independence of the Republic of Indonesia. At the same time, he visited as an expression of respect for the struggle that King Singamangaraja XII had done to hold a resistance against the Dutch company in the Tapanuli district.” jadimanhutapea (Source)

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