Tomb of Siraja Oloan

The Tomb of Siraja Oloan (King Oloan) is a monument to commemorate the founder of Bakkara, whose descendants include the 12 Batak kings (each called King Sisingamangaraja). He had opened the area for settlement. This tomb is near Sisingamangaraja Palace in the Bakara Valley, Humbahas. It is about 13 kilometers (8 mi) from Dolok Sanggul or about 6.5 hours from Medan. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

King Oloan has been famous among Batak as a wise ancestor. Among his teachings is that his descendants shall not marry each other. That had made his family grow big and cross to other regions. Bakkara had also managed to attract talent since the descendants had to go out to find a mate. Bakkara later transformed into a respected kingdom (Batak Kingdom).

Other people among Batak have also adopted this rule, which proves robust for the family or clan expansion.

What to Expect

Entrance is free, but you are supposed to tip the guard.

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