Tomok Village

tomok village

Tomok Village is a small village on the east coast of Samosir Island, Lake Toba. It is right on the edge of the connecting dock to Ajibata, Parapat. Tomok is the traditional village well-known as the gateway to Samosir. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

The number of tombs and objects of ancient megalithic and ancient relics makes this location one of the most important cultural destinations on Lake Toba. For example, you can find here the sarcophagus big stone chieftain of Sidabutar, cut from a single block of stone. The face is carved with the lion face-mythical creature, partly bull, partly elephant. In the saddle-shaped lid is a small statue of a woman carrying the bowl believed to represent the dead chief’s wife.

There are 4 things to see in Tomok:

No. Attraction Description
1 Tomb of King Sidabutar Grave complex of Tomok kings
2 Batak Museum at Tomok A restored former residence of king and museum
3 Batak traditional houses Beautifully painted traditional houses, with their backs facing the lake and granaries in front yards.
4 Sigale-gale Dance Puppet dance show near Tomok market

Together with all the souvenir stalls densely populated near the dock, the cultural sites are the main attraction of the village.

What to Enjoy

On several occasions, the arrival of tourists in this village may be greeted with the Tor Tor Dance from the local community. In addition, the many tombs and relics of the megalithic and ancient times make it one of the Batak cultural sites which is quite popular among tourists. Large tombs such as the Tomb of King Sidabutar and his family, Batak Museum, Sigale-Gale Statue, Batu Kursi Tomok, Elephant Statue, HKBP Resort Tomok and simple churches fill this place.

The existence of a resort located in Tuktuk Siadong further strengthens this area as a tourist destination. Currently Tomok consists of two villages, namely Tomok and Tomok Parsaoran. It’s definitely fun and an unforgettable experience to visit Tomok.

What to Expect

If you want to buy the souvenirs, ask for a half price first and expect to end up paying like 60%-70% of the initial quotes. Always negotiate even though there are price tags.

You will probably be asks to drink some coffee at a few houses you will find there. Give them little tips if you accept the offer.

What Visitors Say

“Friendly service, clean place, a place to learn manortor/dance typical of Batak Toba culture,…” Pirma Wage (Source)

“Horass yaahowu, Nice place” Taho Mano (Source)

“First time trying to get to know one of the cultures in North Sumatra.” Basuki Setia Nugroho (Source)

“in Tomok we can go shopping, historical tours and learn about the Toba Batak culture. There are many interesting things for us to see in Tomok Village.” medanwisata (Source)

“I have visit Tomok Village, there are several tourist attractions that are most visits by tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. On that occasion, many tourists from Malaysia, Singapore, and India visited Tomok Village, in addition to other foreign tourists who were seen from the Netherlands, the Middle East, and the United States.” jefrihutagalung (Source)

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