Ucok Durian

ucok durian

Ucok Durian is the name of a street stall where a local merchant sells quality durian in Medan. Historically, Mr Ucok started his business more than 20 years ago. His customers come from Medan, other cities in Indonesia, and overseas. Top figures and high-ranking officials are among them. He only sells fresh durian.

There are also many other durian stores next to Ucok, but residents remember his name only. Unlike Ucok, they sell fresh as well as frozen durian.

The price of durian varies according to seasons. It is about US$ 5 apiece during the harvest season but may go to as high as US$ 15 in the low season.

What’s Special

Durian is a typical type of fruit that smells so badly that foreigners often think it tastes as bad. You will prove it otherwise.

Durian is a must try if you are in Medan.

What to Enjoy

What if the durian is chosen or we choose ourselves and eat it right where the taste is lacking in accordance? Don’t worry, visitors can immediately exchange it without an additional price. For the durian already open, also will not be wasted. Later these durians will be supplied to businesses at home to be processed into a variety of durian-based snacks.

Every day there is always a durian that comes to the Ucok Durian shop. If it’s in season, the amount can get
supply of about 6 thousand durian fruit. More than half of that number is generally raid by enthusiasts
durian on that day. If it doesn’t get absorbs completely, or if there are durians that are exchanges by consumers, Ucok remains calm, because these durians will distributed into various processed products made from durian. Starting from durian pancakes, durian aging, frozen durian, ice cream or durian chips. Some are even sell in the shop. Others are send to others area. Not only around Medan, even to the island of Java.

If you want to taste another kuliner, there is also Sate Padang in here, you can order it through waiters. also various beverages such coconut water.

What to Expect

If you want to get the great durian, you should come here in certain season, you can ask first when you come here with the waiters and take a note. also in weekend especially at night, it usualy full of crowd.

What Visitors Say

“Most famous durian outlet in Medan. They claim that no branch other than this one. It’s clean and cozy. The durians are ranging from small, medium, to big. When it comes to harvest season, there will be plenty of great durian taste. Its price following the size of the durians. The place is always visits by guests from other city. Guests can also buy packed durian with ranging prices.” Retta Sinambela (Source)

“Very good Durian place. For the Durian lovers among us a must go place, famous far over the Medan borders. To me or was recommendby someone in Jakarta! You can order and take away. Even wholesale buying. They have two tastes, bitter and sweet and of you don’t like you can return.” Tim (Source)

“For me, a visit to the Ucok durian shop is not just about enjoying durian, but also learning what it means to trust and satisfy customers. Of the four durians served at our table, all were perfect. There is not the slightest defect. We are also very satisfy. With a satisfied taste, the price of 50 thousand per durian is a very reasonable price. If I look at all the customers who came to Durian Ucok that night, they all had the same style. Come, sit down, order durian, eat and then pay. No one asked the price at the beginning or bargained, because everyone understood and believed, they would get the best durian at a reasonable price.” suryahardiyana (Source)

In Durian Ucok there are two photo spots that are quite interesting. The brothers are also friendly, if a group comes, they will immediately find a place. There are also gentlemen who go around carrying knives, helping people who have trouble opening their own durians.” bundatraveler (Source)

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