Ucok Durian

Ucok Durian is the name of a street stall where Mr. Ucok sells his quality durian in Medan. Ucok has been in business for more than 20 years. His customers come from Medan, other cities in Indonesia, and overseas. Top figures and high-ranking officials are among them. He only sells fresh durian.

There are also many other durian stores next to Ucok, but residents remember his name only. Unlike Ucok, they sell fresh as well as frozen durian.

The price of durian varies according to seasons. It is about US$ 5 apiece during the harvest season but may go to as high as US$ 15 in the low season.

What’s Special

Durian is a typical type of fruit that smells so badly that foreigners often think it tastes as bad. You will prove it otherwise.

Durian is a must try if you are in Medan.